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Our passion for the Spanish culture and its food inspired us to bring authentic tapas to Perth. We want you to experience Spanish food the way it is meant to be, above all delicious, but also simple, down to earth, and accessible.

In Spain, food is a language of love, bringing families and friends together, giving us something to share, expressing creativity and nurturing.

Spanish food is all about simplicity. Though it has reached ‘gourmet’ acclaim in recent years, the elements and the traditional preparation of the foods themselves are quite humble, making the most of what was available at the time, mixing together whatever bits were on hand, creating something greater than the sum of all its parts. (Croquetas, for example, were elaborated from left over pieces of chicken or fish, mixed in a creamy béchamel sauce and fried in bread crumbs.)

Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodriguez

Spanish recipes reveal a historical and gastronomical melting pot of cultures; not surprising knowing the succession of cultures that have passed through, conquered, influenced, or settled on the Iberian peninsula, each leaving its mark on the architecture, music, art, history and of course, food of Spain. The food of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Jews, and the influence of the Americas, all meld into Spanish cooking, however, the eight century reign of the Moors left the most significant impact in the gastronomy of the country.

I hope you enjoy the cultural journey at La Latina.

¡Que aproveche! (Enjoy!)

Cristina Rodriguez


Good food, like love, feeds the soul

La Latina's catering sees guests raving about the food well after the event. La Latina prides herself on providing unique, generous and delicious food for your guests. The traditional Spanish tapas and paella fit perfectly in a standing cocktail-type of event, as well as a seated banquet event with share platters, bringing guests together and enabling conversation. La Latina caters for small to large events, providing a catered experience with a difference for private functions, engagements, weddings, dinners and corporate functions.


for stand-up cocktail or banquet style share platters


Tapas are small morsels or snacks offered in Spain to accompany a beverage. La Latina offers what we feel are the most traditional tapas of Spain. Crispy jamon and chicken croquetas, veal and pork meatballs in tomate frito, the quintessential Spanish tapa ~ the tortilla de patata (potato omelette), and chorizo with lemon, to whet your appetite! These tapas are ideal for standing cocktail events and sit-down banquet-style share platters.


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Paella, pronounced pa-e-ya, is arguably Spain’s signature dish of saffron rice with whatever meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables are on hand, La Latina’s being the mixed paella of chicken, pork and seafood. It is a visual and gastronomic feast!


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Paella Parties

Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish made to share with family and friends. La Latina’s Paella Parties are our way of bringing love and a little taste of Spain to your place allowing you and your friends to share in the joy of authentic Spanish cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

Engagement Paella Party by La Latina Providores

Engagement Paella Party by La Latina Providores

For just $50 per person (minimum 10 guests) La Latina provides:

  • Traditional Spanish tapas (3)
  • Our signature chicken, seafood and pork Paella
  • Spanish music to play
  • A live Paella demonstration!

La Latina is responsible for the set-up, cook and pack-up of all food and equipment brought by us.

To order extra tapas and desserts take a look at our catering menu to place your order.

La Latina is not licensed and cannot serve alcohol but can provide you with our delicious Sangria recipe when booking!

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Good food is a language of love

Let La Latina bring her love and passion for food, shared experiences and memory making to your special day!

Abundant produce, seafood paella pans full to the brim, delicious share plates, standing tapas cocktails, melt-in-your-mouth jamon sliced live, and sangria and fruit station. Elements and experiences designed to create fun and delicious shared experiences for you and your wedding guests.

Please contact Cristina for a chat about how we can make your special day deliciously memorable.

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La Latina loves sharing the passion of Spanish food with everyone, making it affordable and accessible. Find her at various food festivals and markets around Perth and follow her whereabouts on Facebook.

Among other events, La Latina can be found at:

Twilight Hawker's Market
Paella! - every Friday night (430pm - 9pm) from October to April - Forrest Place

Leederville Farmer's Market
Croquetas & Paella - every Sunday morning (730am - 1230noon) - Oxford St Leederville


Cecilia and I would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” for the wonderful Tapas you created and served  to our guests this Saturday past. I must say, you certainly did not disappoint me, and you actually surpassed my expectations.

The last time we have had a full house, we decided to have the catering done by one of ‘the flashy Perth caterers’ and we were more than disappointed.

By contrast, your tapas were all fresh, made with love and passion and delicious. We would prefer you anytime over any of the ‘professional’ caterers. Our guests spoke very highly of the tapas and we have had many compliments about you.
Again, thank you very much and all the best!

David & Cecilia

PS We will be having your delicious Ceviche and Albondigas and Sauce for the rest of the week for dinner...

Cristina catered for our son's 21st at our home. The food was wonderful - tapas and paella - all our guests loved it. Can't fault her professionalism and attention to detail. Everything was great. Would highly recommend her and her company. Thanks Cristina :-


Cristina created the most wonderful Tapas for our anniversary party. Huge success. Food amazing. Thank you Cristina.


Cristina and her team did the catering for our wedding reception recently. Such amazing food and such amazing service. She and her team are highly recommended. Might I add, the best hot chocolate and churros!! YUM YUM YUM


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