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My passion for the Spanish culture and its food inspired me to bring authentic Spanish tapas and paella catering to Perth. I want you to experience Spanish food the way it is meant to be, above all delicious, but also simple, down to earth, and accessible.

In Spain, food is a language of love, bringing families and friends together, giving us something to share, expressing creativity and nurturing.

Spanish food is all about simplicity. Though it has reached ‘gourmet’ acclaim in recent years, the elements and the traditional preparation of the foods themselves are quite humble, making the most of what was available at the time, mixing together whatever bits were on hand, creating something greater than the sum of all its parts. (Croquetas, for example, were elaborated from left over pieces of chicken or fish, mixed in a creamy béchamel sauce and fried in bread crumbs.)

Cristina Rodriguez

Cristina Rodriguez

Spanish recipes reveal a historical and gastronomical melting pot of cultures; not surprising knowing the succession of cultures that have passed through, conquered, influenced, or settled on the Iberian peninsula, each leaving its mark on the architecture, music, art, history and of course, food of Spain. The food of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Jews, and the influence of the Americas, all meld into Spanish cooking, however, the eight century reign of the Moors left the most significant impact in the gastronomy of the country.

I am so excited to be delivering our Spanish tapas and paella catering services to Perth and hope you enjoy the cultural journey at La Latina.

¡Que aproveche! (Enjoy!) 

                                               Cristina Rodriguez