Chorizo - it's delicious but it shouldn't be in paella

Chorizo thinks he runs the paella show

Chorizo thinks he runs the paella show

Don't get me wrong...I've had chorizo in paella, and it's delicious. The paella tastes more like ... well...chorizo. Not chicken, not seafood, chorizo! Not only is chorizo paella not even a dish in Spain, but if i'm going to have anything chorizo-flavoured, it's chorizo. (how many times can I say...Chorizo!?)

As for the paella, I know a good paella by the taste of the rice itself, infused with spices, chicken, meats or seafood stock used.  Sometimes less is much more.

So basically, using chorizo is a cheat's method (no judgement) of flavouring up a paella in lieu of a decent stock.

IF you are spending quality ingredients and time in developing an amazing stock - why add chorizo to simply overpower your delectable creation?

IF you aren't creating an amazing stock - chorizo away. It will be eaten.

My recommendation though is to have your chorizo solo, as a Spanish tapas, with crusty bread and lemon. Then, enjoy your paella and enjoy the subtlety of its various flavours.

Cristina Rodriquez

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