La Latina's Simple Sangria

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When it’s summer time and the weather is high…who can beat a Sangria? Red wine, citrus, fruits, sugar and a hint of spice…refreshing and yum!

Sangria can be as simple or as complicated as you want. It can be thrown together in minutes, and it can also be an overnight process with summer stone fruits marinated in liqueur overnight.

Personally, I like to keep it simple. I also avoid using expensive wine in my sangria, because I prefer to enjoy my favourite wines as is, and not dilute it with other ingredients. Because sangria is sweetened with sugar, fruit and soft drink, I suggest a dry red.

I like adding Schweppes Agrum to my Sangria, as it is a combination of lemon, lime and orange, but you can use any citrus flavoured soft drink.

I don’t add too much fruit either, sticking to lemon and orange sliced into circles for visual effect. I find apple and other fruits look stained and give more of a ‘punch’ vibe to the sangria, rather than the refreshing wine drink that I’m after.

Here I’ll be sharing with you my super simple and satisfying sangria that you can whip up at your next event.


·         Half part dry red wine (the quantity is up to you - you just have to halve it with your mixer)

·         Half part citrus soft drink (my favourite mixer is Schweppes Agrum)

·         2-4 lemons and oranges washed and sliced to give big citrus circles

·         3 tablespoons of sugar (or to taste, as this can easily be omitted with the inclusion of soft drink)

·         you can also add some spirits to this such as rum or brandy for extra kick


Combine all ingredients and keep refrigerated to serve cool. Add ice to individual serves if needed, but not to the jar as this will dilute the sangria too much. I like to present my sangria in a glass jar as it is such a visual drink.