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Winter Dinner Parties 101

Winter Dinner Parties 101

Winter seems to be the time of year that many of us go into social hibernation and avoid leaving the house. Especially here in Perth, where we’re so spoilt by the weather, that even a hint of rain or a chill makes it a city of shut-ins.

But Winter brings us the opportunity to engage in different activities and interact with family and friends in different ways. A very inviting social event this time of year is the humble (or not-so-humble) dinner party. Think cozy warm setting, select friends, intimate conversations, warming wines, and rich hearty food.

Gluggy Paella

Speaking of gluggy paella - this happened. On a plane. Not to me. But to my neighbouring passenger. And I didn't stop her. I didn't warn her. I let her order Chicken Paella over Vegetable Penne for my own morbid curiosity. And I photographed it. And she ate her bread roll.

There are so many types of wrong with this. It astounds me that there is an actual chef behind all of this. Paella, by its basic nature of being a loose, pearl-esque type of rice dish, can't possibly maintain its structural integrity post 23 minutes of being cooked, then reheated and thrown around an airplane.

Don't even get me started on the fact that it had chorizo in it.