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Create your own Spanish Grazing Board

Super Simple Spanish Tapas (1).png

Grazing boards, tasting plates and antipasto platters are all the rage right now. I should know. You can check out La Latina’s grazing boards here. But if budgets are a constraint, or you’re feeling creative, you can easily whip up your own. Here’s how:

1.       Gather your boards, bowls, and platters. A quick trip to the local second hand shop will make this a fun, creative and inexpensive project without having to invest in crockery you may or may not use again. Find boards on the larger size, long if possible. Then chose bowls and small platters, glass wear or stands (fruits and nuts can be placed in these for height and abundance.)

2.       Don’t forget cheese knives, serving spoons, spreading knives and serviettes.

3.       Opt for a selection of Spanish cured meats and cheeses. This will probably be the more pricey part of the board but I’ve recently found Spanish Manchego and Iberico cheese at Aldi (OMG!) that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You can also purchase Spanish cured meats at European Foods in bulk (if you plan on continuing to graze long after your guests have left…and why not?)

4.       Add other Spanish tapas elements such as marinated anchovies, make your own spiced almonds, marinate your own olives, grill your own red peppers and asparagus.


5.       If there is a particular dip that is your speciality, place this in a bowl and add this to your board. My favourites include hummus, olive tapenade, or simple olive oil and balsamic.

6.       Include sweet elements to your grazing board such as membrillo (quince paste), raisins, dark chocolate, seasonal fruits (pomegranates, figs, grapes, oranges)

7.       Good quality bread (baguette, sourdough) is a must, as well as crackers and crostini sticks (for height)

8.       Check pinterest for inspiration on how to lay out and decorate your grazing board.

9.       Enjoy the process, and the result!

Que aproveche!