Spanish Catering Perth

Good food, like love, feeds the soul

La Latina's Spanish catering services sees guests raving about the food well after the event. La Latina prides herself on providing unique, generous and delicious food for your guests in and around Perth. The traditional Spanish tapas and paella catering fit perfectly in a standing cocktail-type of event, as well as a seated banquet event with share platters, bringing guests together and enabling conversation. La Latina caters for small to large events, providing a catered experience with a difference for private functions, engagements, weddings, dinners and corporate functions. Contact La Latina for catering services in Perth.

TAPAS Catering

for stand-up cocktail or banquet style share platters


Tapas are small morsels or snacks offered in Spain to accompany a beverage. La Latina's catering offers what we feel are the most traditional tapas of Spain. Crispy jamon and chicken croquetas, veal and pork meatballs in tomate frito, the quintessential Spanish tapa ~ the tortilla de patata (potato omelette), and chorizo with lemon, to whet your appetite! These tapas are ideal for standing cocktail events and sit-down banquet-style share platters.


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PAELLA Catering

Paella, pronounced pa-e-ya, is arguably Spain’s signature dish of saffron rice with whatever meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables are on hand, La Latina’s paella catering being the mixed paella of chicken, pork and seafood. It is a visual and gastronomic feast! Contact La Latina today for your authentic Spanish paella catering.


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