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Good food, like love, feeds the soul

Spanish food is often recognized as one of the top cuisines in the world. Other than Spanish food, wine is pretty much diverse in terms of character. One must say that the country having an extensive access to the sea heavily influences catering services in Perth. Now most of the people often mistake Spanish for Mexican. But I say,  both are way different from each other. For example, if you order tortillas, you'll be treated with an omelet instead of bread.

Spanish cuisines generally consist of tapas, paella offering the seasonal travelers a unique taste of Spain. Now we all know that food is the true essence of any event, hence we specialize in delivering the finest catering supplies Perth with some exquisite, lip-smacking food. Whether you are organizing a standing cocktail-type of the event or a seated banquet event for your precious guests or any other event such as private functions, engagements, weddings, dinners and corporate functions, we are the experienced catering wholesalers worth considering. 

TAPAS Catering

for stand-up cocktail or banquet style share platters


Tapas are basically light snacks originated from Spain. In fact, in Spain tapas can be anything, from a chunk of tuna to a cocktail onion and olive skewered on a long toothpick and so more. At La Latina, we offer a sizzling range of the most traditional tapas of Spain starting from crispy jamon to chicken croquetas, veal, pork meatballs and what not!     


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PAELLA Catering

The rice-based dish is well known nationally as well as internationally. Apart from catering services Perth, we offer paella mixed with chicken, pork, and seafood. A visual and gastronomic feast is waiting for you.  


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