Catering Requirements

When catering for your event, here are a few points and requirements for consideration


Arrival & Departure

I will arrive 2 hours prior to serving to give me time to set up, decorate the paella stall and cook the paella onsite. I pride myself on serving the paella fresh!

Please ensure there is space in your driveway for me to unload and load the van.

For standard catering requests I will be at the event for about 3.5 hours from time of set up to pack down. This gives me plenty of time to cook and serve. If you require me to stay longer or to delay cooking, please let me know at time of ordering, or prior to the day. (This may incur an additional fee depending on time frames.)


To cook the paella on site, I require:

  • a flat, outdoor area, approximately 3m²

  • preferably under some cover

  • relatively wind protected - an outdoor patio or veranda are perfect

  • adequate lighting if cooking in the evening

If these features aren't an option this is not a problem at all, but please let me know in advance so I can arrange to have equipment made available.

Serving Staff

The paella can be served straight from the paella pan as guests come up to collect. Or for a more formal experience, you may prefer to have your own servers in-house collect plates from the chef.

Alternatively, if you would prefer wait staff to walk around and serve the paella, this can be arranged at $50 per server per hour.

Health & Safety

For health and safety reasons I am very conscious of dogs and small children playing near and around the hot paella burners, as well as dogs sniffing around the eskis of fresh produce for the paellas. Please ensure that pets and children do not come close to the cooking area.

Please advise at time of ordering of any allergies or food sensitivities.