Festivals Food

The world truly has a lot to offer and Spain being diverse in terms of climate as well as food has the potential to leave you begging for more. Spanish food is the most desired cuisines across the world. In fact, it is often labeled as people's cuisine as it possesses fresh ingredients and it's quite easy to make. Now, if you have ever visited Spain then I am sure you must have noticed that every region has its own signature dishes. And this happened because long ago, traveling from one region to another was troublesome. This inspired people to create their own recipes for foods which now we recognize as traditional Spanish food.

One thing to note about Spanish food is that most of the recipes are prepared using the same ingredients and methods of cooking as they were used centuries ago. Overall the Spanish foods in Perth always turn out to be tasty, simple, and of course in abundance.

La Latina is a firm that loves offering festival foods in Perth which is second to none. We have discovered the secret of living a healthy lifestyle, i.e. a good wholesome traditional cooking made with the fresh ingredients.  

Among other events, La Latina can be found at:

Twilight Hawker's Market
Paella! - every Friday night (430pm - 9pm) from October to April - Forrest Place


Winter Supper Club

Paella & Croquetas - last Friday of the Winter months - 26 June, 31 July, 28 August (5pm - 8pm)  - Perth Town Hall

Learn More About Spanish Foods

Garlic and olive oil are one of the most common ingredients used in all Spanish foods in Perth. After all, Spanish being one of the leading olive oil producers would not ignore the influence of weather in different regions. Other than olive oil, there are several other ingredients like cheese, pepper, ham, fish, fruits used in food recipes like paella, tapa, Croquetas and the list goes on.

So when it comes to culinary goodness, look no further than La Latina that offers the finest festival foods in Perth.