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Phone (best contact number)
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Time guests arrive
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Time food to be served
Onsite Cooking Requirements: To cook the paella onsite, I simply require an area that is: outdoors, flat, level, well lit, and preferably against a wall or in a corner to minimise wind (which affects the flames of the paella burner). Does the venue have? or can you arrange?:
Is there easy access to the venue and close parking available (ideally the driveway would be reserved for the catering van).
Though I pride myself on leaving your premises clean, please advise if your kitchen/cooking area needs special attention (eg: porous enamel benchtops):

La Latina Providores Catering Terms and Conditions  


All functions are required to pay a non-refundable 40% deposit to secure their booking, based on Estimated Guest Numbers to secure the Event Date and services from La Latina Providores.

Confirmation of Final Guest Count is required 7 days prior to the event. The remainder of the payment owing is payable 7 days prior to the event. Any event booked less than 14 days from the event date must be paid in full at the time of booking.

All invoices are supplied via email. Payment can be made by cash or electronic funds transfer to:

Cristina Rodriguez BSB 923100 ACC 67103384

Please advise when payments have been made.


Are calculated according to suburb and include delivery of your order and pick-up of the equipment at the end of the function.


All plates, platters and catering equipment remain the property of LA LATINA PROVIDORES. Equipment must be returned cleaned and in good working order. All breakages, non returns or damaged goods will be charged to the client at LA LATINA PROVIDORE’S replacement or repair cost.


All cancellations must be made by telephone, in the first instance and then confirmed in writing or by email. Cancellations 30 days prior to the Event Date specified in the quotation will incur 50% of the total costs, credit being given for the deposit paid on confirmation of the booking. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event remain obligated to pay the entire contract price, less the 40% deposit paid at time of booking. You agree that cancellation costs represent a fair and reasonable estimate of the loses and expenses of La Latina Providores not only in stock but in the lost opportunity to book other events on the date of your event, etc.

I look forward to cooking some amazing treats for you and your guests.  

Gracias!  Cristina